Types of Contemporary Art

Contemporary art has become the dominant form of art-making in today’s contemporary society. It is defined as art that is rooted in the contemporary culture and current events of the time. The art form can be viewed as having evolved with the times and has come to include a broader range of disciplines and themes. In other words, contemporary art includes art that is relevant to the present day.

This form of art is diverse in its definition and styles. Generally, contemporary art movements tend to focus on issues of society, culture, or the human condition. The most common topics of discussion for these artists are politics, art, literature, and the artist’s personal life. These artists generally approach their subject matter in different ways and bring their art to life through various techniques.


One of the most popular contemporary art forms is painting. Paintings capture an entire subject matter in one stroke. They can be large-scale works or fine art pieces. Many contemporary artists use the medium of painting to express their opinions or ideas, whether it be in a self-portrait or a painting for a museum. Many modern artists have been known to dabble in painting to create meaningful paintings that are reflective of their artistic style.


Sculpture is another popular form of contemporary art in Dubai. People have been collecting modern art pieces for centuries. Today, this art form continues to gain popularity and is one of the most popular hobbies specially of 3D pin art sculpture. Some of the most prominent sculptors of the Modern Art movements include sculptor Frank Stella, who created the now famous Stella and Friends piece; and artist Louis Sullivan.


Another popular form of contemporary artwork is photography. Photography has evolved into a highly regarded art form in its own right. Photography artists like Andy Warhol have been responsible for some of the most recognizable and popular pictures in the world. Even though digital photography is much cheaper than traditional film photography, many artists still prefer to photograph in this medium. Famous photographs by Warhol include Dog, Baby, and Paris Hilton.

Abstract Art: 

One other area of contemporary art is called the abstract art category. This category includes artworks that are not intended to be seen by the public. Some of the most popular abstract paintings and sculptures include those by Dutch artist Rembrandt and English artist Sir Edwin Lutyens. Abstract art has been gaining popularity with each new artist who creates it. Some of the most notable artists who dabble in this type of art include Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jasper Johns.