Steps to getting your will registered in the UAE

There are some important steps to get your Will registered in the UAE. Remember, for your will to be effective, it is important for it to be registered in the United Arab Emirates. Without this, it would be of no use to your family once you have passed away. Hence, make sure that you registered your will in the UAE, and for this, you must ascertain following a few very important steps. These are inclusive of:

1. Making a draft of the will

This is step is very important. This is the process where you can speak to a legal expert based in your home country and ask for his assistance in drafting your will. It is very important for you to ensure that your will is effectively checked out by a specialist in UAE. You need to remember that a will which is wrongly written will be of no use once you have passed away. Specialized consultants will offer you this service for 2000Dh to 6000Dh.

When it comes to the DIFC Wills and Probate registry, legal consultants will not provide you any services pertaining to writing a will, and when you go there, it is important for you to have your will written with you in advance. But they have some companies who can do this for you. Ultimately you have to decide that who will draft your will.

2. Should be translated to Arabic:

All the documents that you are going to submit in the court in UAE needs to be translated in the Arabic language. This has to be done by an approved legal translation centers, the best of which are those who are registered with the respected Ministry of Justice). Good consultants can take you these centers. This will cost you up to 1500Dh per will.

For DIFC Wills in Dubai, the fulfillment of these basic necessities is most important to ensure a smooth and steady experience.

3. Determine the coverage of the will

Registered will in Dubai courts has the potential to cover your estates and assets all through the country. Property, bank courts, guardianship of children and all other points in the will are considered applicable all through the UAE once the will is to be executed.

4. Registration:

Registration of your will is going to cost 2165Dh per will in Dubai. Registering your will at DIFC Wills and probate can cost you almost 10000DH.

5. Draft a power of attorney:

Mostly it happen that an expats grant the power of attorney to their spouse or parents to ensure that they have the authority to execute the will later on or even during their life. But this cannot make you sure that your family is protected upon your death.

6. Will for Guardianship:

It is not mandatory for you to draft a separate guardianship will in Dubai and you can insert the clause in your will. But if you are in favor of drafting a separate will in this regard, then this will be considered as any other will and it will cost you 2165Dh.

7. Need to submit in Embassy:

Once your will is registered and notarized in Dubai, you need to submit your will in Embassy or consulate.